Bijoux Statement Necklace
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Bijoux Statement Necklace

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Bijoux with an x is the perfect way to describe this necklace. The French word Bijou
translates to jewel, then add an x to the end and it becomes jewels. It’s the perfect
name for this gorgeous designer piece, which is made up of multiple jewels. The
coiled golden necklace will comfortably hug your heck, and the large clasp will
make it easy to attach by yourself and choose the desired length you require. Now
to the most important part of this vintage treasure, the centrepiece! This beauty is
made up of a number of different shaped crystals, all set into a chandelier shaped
raindrop, with four golden leaves, two on either side. Each gold leaf is encrusted
with various crystals surrounded by gemstones in a unique and elegant pattern.
Simply stunning!