Pink Neutral Stone Necklace
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  • Pink-Neutral-Statement-Necklace
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  • Pink Neutral Pendant Necklace

Pink Neutral Stone Necklace


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The Pink Neutral Stone Necklace is a V-shaped collar necklace with a classic gold link chain that can be worn at adjustable lengths. This multi-colored statement necklace has pink, beige, black and white stones precisely placed in a delightful pattern of three pendants connected by matching pink, black and white stones creating a seamless accent between the pendants.   This stone bauble necklace can dress up any outfit from shorts to power suits and dress gowns! The neutral colors make this statement necklace extremely versatile yet the addition of crystals interspersed throughout and a few bright pinks stones perfectly accent the entire design of the necklace making it a true stunner.